Unique Products & Recipes of Lefkada

Despite its small size and cosmopolitan character, Lefkada boasts an amazing variety of delicious local products that grow on the ground of the island. Lefkas has always had its local history and since until the 60’s the island was partially remote from the rest of the mainland, the need for autonomy and self-sufficiency has been […]

Top Villages in the area

The island of Lefkada, one of the biggest islands of the Ionian Sea abounds in small villages which are scattered across the island and offer you a unique opportunity to explore the island. We will explore the various villages you can visit at a short distance from Lefkada town and Saint Thomas Village. Most islands […]

Discover more sightseeing in Lefkada

The island of Lefkas is rich in underground water and abundant greenery which makes Lefkada’s exotic nature appeal to thousands of visitors every year. Apart from the water, Lefkada also abounds in mountains and cascades and shapes impressive waterfalls in many spots. The first top pick for you would be the waterfalls of Dimossari on […]

Lefkada’s Top Festivals

The week of August is very important to the island of Lefkas since many festivals and celebrations take place. In the last week of August in 2016, from 21-28 the Lefkas International Folklore Festival celebrates 54 years of existence with a unique series of shows. The festival comprises of a series of dance shows and […]

Top 5 Sightseeing in Lefkada

Lefkada is an island that combines amazing beaches with a lot of sightseeing opportunities. The island is characterized by the various historical monuments and old orthodox churches all over Lefkada, but also for its museums and picturesque villages. Just 500 metres away from Saint Thomas Village, you will have the chance to visit the town […]

Lefkada activities: Fun and Action

Though Lefkada is considered as a much more quiet and serene destination than other Ionian islands, like Corfu and Zakynthos, it actually offers a lot of Lefkada activities for fun and active holidays, close to nice accommodation options. Alternative and nature tourism is very popular, as Lefkada offers many possibilities for such activities […]

Sailing to Meganisi, Kastos and Kalamos

Lefkada is a wonderful island, renowned for its impressive beaches and the peaceful atmosphere. Easily accessible from the mainland of Greece via bridge, Lefkada island is the perfect base for exploring nearby non-tourist islands in the Ionian sea. Lefkada offers amazing tranquil and romantic holidays […]

Lefkada western side: from north to south

Lefkada is one of the most incredible islands of the Ionian complex. It is connected to the mainland of Greece with a small bridge and it has many accommodation options, like our Lefkada villas, so it attracts a great number of Greek and foreign tourists every year. Though the most popular and commercial parts of […]

A walk around Lefkada Town

Lefkada Town is located on the north-eastern part of the island and is its capital town. It is connected to the mainland of Greece by a narrow channel, so the island is accessible by car. A truly remarkable place, full of amazing combinations of old and new, Lefkada Town is best explored via walking. Just a short stroll from the […]

Island hopping from Lefkada: explore other islands in the Ionian Sea

Lefkada is a small, but very popular island of the Ionian complex. It is easily accessible from the mainland of Greece by car through a small bridge. Like most Ionian Islands, Lefkada has kept intact its authentic character, traditional life and natural environment. As Lefkada is centrally located in the Ionian Sea, it offers great […]