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Discover more sightseeing in Lefkada

The island of Lefkas is rich in underground water and abundant greenery which makes Lefkada’s exotic nature appeal to thousands of visitors every year. Apart from the water, Lefkada also abounds in mountains and cascades and shapes impressive waterfalls in many spots.

The first top pick for you would be the waterfalls of Dimossari on the outskirts of Nydri, where you can enjoy the exotic landscape and nature. Dimossari is one of the many waterfalls that cascade from the mountain and all the way down to the sea, thus offering visitors the unique opportunity to walk along the rocks and the waters and explore the luscious flora at the same time. The name of the waterfalls comes from “Dimos” and visitors come here every summer to relieve themselves from the summer heat. If you get the chance to visit the waterfalls, then you should definitely combine it with a visit to the village which is full of hotels, tavernas and restaurants and promises to fulfill every single wish you may have.

Meganisi should be the next stop after your day at the waterfalls. Meganisi is an islet just opposite to the port of Nydri, 4 miles southeast of Lefkada, where you can go with a boat and is also a top pick for those who decide to visit the Ionian island. Meganisi features a lot of beautiful beaches and narrow traditional pathways and is an amazing opportunity for a relaxing summer escape. The island is small so no local bus is offered but you can still go around it on foot or on a rent vehicle.

The island is full of nature with pine trees and olive trees and it features the famous Cave of Papanikolis, in the southwestern side of the island which has a depth of 30 metres. The cave boasts special importance since it is considered to be the place where the submarine “Papanikolis” remained hidden during the war.

While in the city of Lefkas, do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Lagoon (Limnothalassa). This lagoon is marked as a biotope and is extremely important to the biodiversity and the balance of the area as it is home to many species of fish and birds. Birds like seagulls, herons and kalimanes perch in this wonderful sight of natural beauty which is covered in moss and bushes.

Finally, if you have time left on the island, you should definitely visit the Monastery of Christ Pantokrator. The monastery is located in the center of the capital and was built in 1864. What is interesting about the monastery is its interior with the impressive murals and the rare pictures but also the fact that it belonged to the famous Greek poet, Aristotelis Valaoritis whose grave is to be found inside until today.