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Lefkada boat tours: explore the Ionian Sea

The island paradise of Lefkada is the ideal departure point for several different kinds of Lefkada boat tours. Among the most magical islands of Greece, Lefkada is home to many mesmerizing beaches that can be most easily approached by boat. In addition, as it is situated in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada lies in close proximity to other beautiful Ionian islands, such as Kefalonia and Ithaca. So, dont miss the unique opportunity to take one of the unrivaled Lefkada boat tours and sail around Lefkada island and the neighboring islands.

Most of these popular Lefkada boat tours depart from Nydri, a tourist village where a lot of restaurants, shops and Lefkada bungalows are found. Some cruise ships have modern style, while others are shaped like a pirate ship. You can hop on the one that you like best and embark on your Lefkada boat tours.

Lefkada boat tours: Nydri-Fiscardo-Ithaca

Sailing from Nydri in the morning, the boat first arrives in Kionia, a lovely fishing village on the northern side of Ithaca. There visitors can enjoy a morning coffee or refreshment drink in the seaside cafeterias along the fishing port, or have a quick swim. Next stop is Fiscardo, the most beautiful village of Kefalonia island.

This is a great place to take a leisurely stroll around the narrow streets and traditional old houses. Fiscardo is famous for its picturesque architecture and the delicious fish taverns. Late in the afternoon, the boat returns at Nydri.

Nydri-Porto Katsiki-Egremni

Starting from Nydri, this cruise takes you to the most popular beaches of Lefkada: Porto Katsiki and Egremni. Reaching these beaches normally requires climbing down numerous steep stairs, so they are much more easily approached by boat. The first stop is Porto Katsiki, where you will have the unforgettable experience of swimming in a jaw-dropping landscape with white cliffs surrounding an exotic beach.

The next stop is Egremni, a long sandy beach stretching for miles under high, steep rocks. You will love swimming in the pure deep waters and admire the breathtaking scenery. In the evening, the cruise sails back to Nydri.

Nydri-Meganisi-Skorpios and other islands

Departing from Nydri, the boat first stops in the island of Meganisi, where you will explore the famous Sea Cave of Papanikolis. This cave provided the ideal hiding place for the Greek submarine Papanikolis during Word War II. You will have the amazing opportunity to enter the cave, take photographs and swim in these legendary waters.

Next, the boat drops you off on the tiny island of Kastos, where you will enjoy your swim totally undisturbed in the serene, deep blue waters. You can also enjoy your lunch in a traditional Greek tavern at the only village of the island.

After that, the boat stops for a while at the island of Kalamos, a small place of remarkable natural beauty. Kalamos is actually the tip of an underwater mountain, filled with old pine trees and encircled by virgin waters.

The last stop is the wonderful private island of Skorpios, which in the past belonged to the Greek business man, Aristotle Onassis. You will enjoy a relaxing swim in azure waters amidst spectacular scenery. Finally, the boat returns in Nydri late in the afternoon.