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Lefkada road trips: drive around the region

The beautiful island of Lefkada, located in the western part of Greece, is famous for its wonderful beaches with unique turquoise waters and white pebbles. Lefkada can be easily accessed by car as this is the only Greek island that is connected to the mainland with a small bridge. Its convenient location gives visitors the chance to organize Lefkada road trips to close places.

Lefkada road trips: Parga

One of the most exciting Lefkada road trips is to the town of Parga. Driving till there is a very interesting experience. This picturesque town, located in the region of Epirus, is 86 km away from Lefkada Town, where our beautiful apartments are found.

Parga is famous for its island-style architecture and the lively atmosphere, especially in summer season. Take a walk through the narrow paved streets that lead to the Venetian Castle, built on top of a hill above the town. There the panoramic view of the ceramic roof tops of the houses will fascinate you.

Next to the port of Parga, which is lined up with restaurants and cafeterias, is a nice beach with crystal waters to enjoy a swim. Alternatively a very nice beach in Parga is Valtos, just a couple of km from the town centre.

Preveza and Ancient Nicopolis

One of the most convenient Lefkada road trips is to the close town of Preveza. This lovely town is found only one hour away from Lefkada by car and the route is very interesting, as you pass through the underwater tunnel of Aktion. Arriving at Preveza, take a nice walk along the port and have a coffee at the seaside cafeterias or enjoy a meal at the fish taverns.

Very close to Preveza is the famous ancient site of Nicopolis, a walled city built in 31 BC by Roman Emperor Octavian. In order to honor his victory against Anthony and Cleopatra, Octavian founded this large city that included temples, a Roman Odeon, public buildings and other monuments.

Just outside Preveza, on the road to Ancient Nicopolis, is also the newly-constructed Archaeological Museum with interesting exhibits from the excavations on the site.

Vonitsa and Paleros

In just 20 minutes time from the town of Lefkada are two fantastic little places, unknown to the majority of tourists: Vonitsa and Paleros. Vonitsa is a nice seaside town with a beautiful port, family hotels and a impressive 10th century castle on the hill overlooking the town.

Paleros is an even smaller coastal village located about an hour away from Lefkada Town. The little port of Paleros is a frequent mooring place for sailing yachts and fishing boats, creating a scenic landscape. The coast of Paleros facing the Ionian sea is an ideal place for a memorable evening promenade at the sunset time. Along with Vonitsa, Paleros is one of the closest Lefkada road trips.