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Lefkada western side: from north to south

Lefkada is one of the most incredible islands of the Ionian complex. It is connected to the mainland of Greece with a small bridge and it has many accommodation options, like our Lefkada villas, so it attracts a great number of Greek and foreign tourists every year. Though the most popular and commercial parts of the island are found in the eastern side, it is worth noting that the western coast is equally, and maybe more, beautiful.

From north to south, Lefkada western side is graced by a wonderful rugged landscape of green forested mountains and long sandy beaches with pristine waters. Indeed, the western beaches are by far the most extraordinary and charming places to swim in Lefkada, as they have deep crystal blue waters and they are surrounded by white cliffs and greenery.


Lefkada western side villages: Athani Starting from the northernmost spot of Lefkada western side there is the wonderful mountainous village of Tsoukalades, built on a height, nestled among olive trees. This is a pretty settlement with fine traditional architecture and amazing Ionian Sea views.

Next is one of the most picturesque villages in Lefkada, Agios Nikitas, constructed around a natural harbour. This is a famous summer holiday resort, as it provides modern comforts, tourist amenities combined with unspoilt nature and spectacular beaches. In Agios Nikitas, visitors will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and fantastic swims in turquoise waters.

Somewhere at the middle of Lefkada western side is another scenic settlement, one of the oldest on the island, Kalamitsi. Blessed with stunning beaches, Kalamitsi is a peaceful and untouched area that offers panoramic sea views and presents a fine example of traditional architecture with old churches, windmills and white houses.

Going further south on Lefkada western coast you will find the lovely Athani, a large mountainous village with well-developed tourist infrastructure, offering a variety of restaurants, cafes, markets and other services. Famous beaches like Porto Katsisi and Egremni are also found there.


Apart from amazing villages, Lefkada western side boasts some of the best shores in the Ionian Sea. Long stretches of sand with impressive cliffs at the backdrop and green scenery provide a serene environment for perfect summer holidays. Many beaches are organized and all are distinguished for their crystal blue waters.

Traveling from north to south, close to Lefkada Town is the renowned beach of Agios Ioannis, a popular kitesurfing spot on the island. After Agios Ioannis is the enchanting village of Agios Nikitas, from where water taxis take visitors to the secluded beach of Mylos. In Mylos you will find a magical scenery and peaceful atmosphere to enjoy a swim far from big crowds.

The next best western beach is the cosmopolitan Kathisma, organized with many beach bars and Lefkada villas. It is a very long beach and has marvelous sunset views.

At the southern tip of Lefkada western side are two of the most famous Lefkada beaches: Egremni, a long pebbled beach with transparent waters, and Porto Katsiki with white sand and impressive background of white chalk cliffs.