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Lefkada’s Top Festivals

The week of August is very important to the island of Lefkas since many festivals and celebrations take place.

In the last week of August in 2016, from 21-28 the Lefkas International Folklore Festival celebrates 54 years of existence with a unique series of shows. The festival comprises of a series of dance shows and performances from all over the world with skilled dancers and performers presenting interesting shows. The festival lasts one week, from one Sunday to the next. The first night is dedicated to the presentation ceremony of the dancers and groups from the various continents who shortly appear on stage. During the week, the whole program unfolds with the various dance performances being introduced to the attending public by more than 800 dancers. On the last Sunday of the festival, an impressive and grandiose closing ceremony is taking place to mark the end of the event where a final dance is performed and gifts are exchanged. The festival has been organized since 1962, following the Speech and Arts Events Festival which has been already been going on since 1955. The Lefkas International Folklore Festival is devoted to the promotion of peace and cooperation between the peoples across the world. The various dance styles and performances reinforce the feeling of unity and brotherhood across nations while keeping the distinctive styles of each culture. An amazing closing event for August before September, do not miss this festival if you happen to be in Lefkas at that period.

The Festival of Speech (Literature) and Art in Lefkas is one of the oldest festivals of the island and together with the Athens festival are the oldest cultural festivals of the country. The festival comprises of many different kinds of activities including dance performances, literary readings and science exhibitions. In the festival, many famous artists have participated such as poets, soloists, bands as well as researchers have all contributed to this result cultural result that the festival has to offer. The festival runs during the summer months and is organized by the Cultural Centre of Lefkada’ s Municipality. Certainly, for all those who are interested in a multi-faceted approach to the arts and culture, the Festival of Speech and Art in Lefkas is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

The Feast of Sardine is the ideal chance for fish lovers to enjoy food and drink under the magnificent Ionian sun. The feast is taking place in July on the square of Vathy in Meganissi, the small island opposite to Lefkas which is reachable by boat on regular itineraries during the summer months. The festival takes place every year and is accompanied by traditional live music. Although sardines are the main dish of the festival, other kinds of roasted fish is also offered along with wine to the guests. The festival is very interesting for all those who need a taste of Greek fish and want to explore the amazing island of Meganissi in a unique way with the whole family.

On the first ten days of August, the Folk Wedding Festival is organized every year in the village of Karya in Lefkas. As most festivals on the island, this event has strong connections to the past agricultural roots of the people and their strong relation to nature. The tradition takes place since 1979 and features a representation of a traditional Lefkadian wedding with all stages of it reenacted on separate days within a 2-day time framework. The event aims at reviving the old customs of the island like the match making, the bed tradition, the wedding that the old ceremonies comprised of. The cultural event includes dancing and parades in traditional costumes and food is being served in the crowded village of Karya.

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