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Top 5 Sightseeing in Lefkada

Lefkada is an island that combines amazing beaches with a lot of sightseeing opportunities. The island is characterized by the various historical monuments and old orthodox churches all over Lefkada, but also for its museums and picturesque villages. Just 500 metres away from Saint Thomas Village, you will have the chance to visit the town of Lefkada and experience its unique island character.

The town is connected to mainland Greece with a bridge and is easily accessible by car. The town is a monument in itself since it has managed to retain its traditional Greek character with all the typical narrow pathways connecting the whole city. The city had suffered various earthquakes and has been rebuilt with wooden skeletons and coloured metals, thus attaching a very interesting character to the island. It is laid out amphitheatrically around the harbor and features an amazing view from many parts of it. The houses are built very close to each other and the landscape is very maze-like with a plethora of restaurants and bars housed in the old buildings.

Also, it is worth visiting Mela street with its many arcades or pay a visit to the various museums which are found at a small distance around the town. There, you can visit the Archaeological museum which is housed in a traditional Neo-classical building. It features exhibits that range from the Middle Paleolithic Era (200,000-35,000 BC) to the Ancient Period (1050 BC- AD 324. In the museum, you will find excavation findings from ancient Lefkada as well as many ancient household items. Armours and weapons are also exhibited in the museum.

The Castle of Agia Mavra is also worth visiting. This magnificent castle is situated near the entrance of the island and very accessible from the town. It was built on the 14th century by the rulers of Sicily and was meant to protect the old town from threats. The castle is very well preserved up to date and still hosts many cultural events that visitors can attend during the summer. The importance of the castle has been highlighted by historians since it is believed that the whole area was named after it during the Medieval Ages. This is why Lefkada boasts a very interesting architecture that also combines Italian elements in it.

Another worthwhile visit would be the museum of Phonographs downtown. It is located in the main square and near the old City. It features exhibits of many old phonographs, gramophones and radios as well as old decorative items like coins and pieces of jewelry.

The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni is the most important monastery on the island and is devoted to the protector of the island, Panagia Faneromeni. It was originally built in 1634 next to the sight where the sanctuary for Artemis was built. Except from the many old icons and gospels that you will have the chance to admire inside the monastery, you can also take a short break and enjoy the breathtaking view from the hilltop to the capital of Lefkada.